My first CBC Debaters!

When I was in Ottawa in February I got to tape my first Debaters saying that the five second rule is not gross, and I won! Mamma doesn’t joke around when it comes to food. Give it a listen here!


I have  a podcast where I talk to my Parents!!

Joy and Pete have both made me the maniac I am today, so I felt like I should let people see how funny they are, or think they are. It’s called “Talking with the Tolev’s”. Every episode is 10 minutes long so you don’t have to listen to an hour of nonsense, just a quick little chat. You can subscribe on itunes and hear a new episode every Wednesday!

Talking with the Tolevs

I made the Top Five Comedy Albums of 2016!

Holy F-ing heck! Exclaim magazine listed my album Hot N’ Hungry as #5 of the top five comedy albums of 2016 along side Patton Oswalt, Ali Wong, Gary Gulman and Tom Segura! This is literally insane and so awesome especially after re recording it three times! Thanks again to everyone who bought it and shared it, means the world to this gross fool.