Mamma is Back in town for the Holidays!

Well I guess my family misses me and wants to see my double chin at Christmas so I am back in town for a few weeks and thought well shit, I should put on a show. So I gathered some of my fav peeps that I miss seeing and put them on a show with me called “Tolev’s Treats”  Thursday December 27th @ The Comedy Bar at 8pm.  Bring the whole family!! But don’t if they don’t like gross things.


Erotic Fan Fiction on Nerdist

A few months back I did the Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction show for the first time live at the Virgil and I won! Felt pretty cool, also I really like writing filthy stuff. So give it a listen here ONLY if you like Justin Trudeau and The Queen.

Bridgetown Comedy Festival

I am pumped to the tits to be heading to Portland for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival June 1-5th. Check out the website for more info.

Mermaid 2 is out!

Mermaid part 2 is officially out, it was part of the JFL Northwest Comedy Short Shorts competition and was a runner up! If you haven’t seen the first Mermaid do yourself a favour and check it out. Starring Brian Cook, Ryan Biel and myself.


 My first stand up album is out!

After three recordings, and an amazing photo shoot my album is finally out today! If you enjoy the sweet sounds of a deep voice and real stories that will make you cringe/laugh at the same time you will enjoy it.  You can get it on iTunes now! Thanks for all the support!

image Take a peak at Ladystache

We put out a new video a few months ago feel free to take a little gander at it, but before you do you should probably watch “Lunch Date” first. It will make way more sense.


 I have to Re-Record my album!

Due to a very big mis hap I have to re-record my album, it’s been a really upsetting process and I have to get it done soon! SO my next date is Thursday November 19th at the Social Capitol Theatre at 154 Danforth Ave at 9:30pm. If you missed the first one or have friends who ay like my grossness please tell them to come! The show is free and Matt O’Brien will be hosting!


I made the top 8 Finalists!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, I am officially in the top 8 for the Sirius XM radios Top Comic competition. I get to preform with some amazing comics on October 1, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto part of Just For Laughs 42.  So pumped up, the winner gets a hefty $15000! I am also currently in Vancouver for the next two weeks so if you are out west and want to see some shows please come check them out! I have one literally every single night so come to one for crying out loud, also this rain can s my d.


I am doing my first TV GALA at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal!

Well this is by far the biggest accomplishment of my career to date. I am honestly overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I actually cant sleep! I will be doing a few shows at the festival but my official TV taping is on July 25 at Club Soda at 10pm part of the Talk of the Fest series hosted by Jerrod Carmichael! DREAM COME TRUE!!

I am recording my FIRST ALBUM!

On June 3rd and 4th I will be recording my first stand up album at the Comedy Bar! I will be doing all my best/grossest bits and I would love it if everyone I knew came out! Jarrett Campbell will be hosting and Tim Gilbert and Hunter Collins will be doing guest spots.  The show is FREE and both start right at 8pm. So please come and tell everyone you know!!!stephrecording



New “Mermaid” Video

While I was in Vancouver last summer I got together with a hilarious old friend Brian Cook and we wrote and filmed this hilarious, weird, gross, dirty, video with the help of the amazing Director and camera man Scott Antifave and sound, wardrobe, anything else man Cam McLeod. Please watch it and share!!


Headlining Montreal Comedy Works

MONTREAL!! I love you and I will be headlining the Comedy Works March 26-28!! The line up is HUGE so get your tickets a head of time, then carry me to La Belle Province so I can eat all of the gross poutine! Go to for tickets and more info!


Doing Fun Shows in LA!

Oh HIII hot sun and palm tree’s and BYEEEE dumb Canadian winter. I am in LA for three weeks soaking it all up, and while I am here I am doing some pretty fun shows! Including Hosting for the Hilarious CHEAP SMOKES! Plus Sleep Away Camp, Chatterbox,  Fringe and more!! I will also be tanning my Bulgarian body as much as possible to get some sort of tan on this olive skin. Also I just went for a run and ran into this fun guy!

IMG_2644 (1)



Hosting Superstars of Comedy


This Saturday night I will be hosting two back to back shows at the comedy bar! 7pm and 9pm. please go to for tickets!

Hosting for Matt Braunger


I will be hosting for Matt Braunger on Sunday Dec 21 at the Comedy Bar at 7pm! Tickets and all the info you need are at empire comedy!


Absolute Comedy Toronto

Oh Hi Friends and Family who live in MY CITY! Well our City, I will be at the Absolute Comedy Club in Toronto at Yonge and Eglington October 23-26. So come on out to a show all the details are at  See you soon!

New Super Gross Video

If you are into gross stuff, like I am talking super gross but at the same time hilarious, I highly recommend this video! Written by Bryan O’Gorman, starring myself and him, it is a gory/hysterical sketch that will leave you cry laughing.


Oh Hi Vancouver! You are so beautiful in the summer, minus the fact every man and woman here has a six pac, the scenery is amazing. I will be performing at the Comedy Mix from Aug 7-9 as the Feature act then from Aug 12-16 as the MC. I am also doing a couple of other shows that are AMAZING in between including the Hero Show at China Cloud on Aug 7th which is an all character show and on Sunday Aug 17th I get to do a spot on the Sunday Service show! If you have not seen them you are a fool, best improv troupe in Canada!  So if you are in Vancouver pop by one of the shows or come watch me hide my rolls on the beaches with a big bag of chips!!

l_just-for-laughs@2x-festival  Just For Laughs 2014

I am very pleased and proud to be part of JUST FOR LAUGHS this summer in Montreal! I am part of the Homegrown competition along with 8 other amazing comics from around Canada. You can click here for all the info about the show and see all the other great acts who will be part of the festival. This is something I have always dreamed of. Thanks to my family and friends for supporting me all these years and coming out to so many shows and finding my weirdo self funny!



North By Northeast is back and ready to blow those ear drums out of your heads! Get earplugs seriously or you will have horrible hearing by 68. Check out for all the info on the Comedy shows . I am doing a couple super cool shows at the Great Hall opening up for Luisa Omielan’s show “What Would Beyonce do”  on June 21st and 22nd and I will be hosting for Kurt Braunohler at the Comedy Bar at 10pm on the 21st as well. This weekend is going to be NUTS!!!

Halifax Comedy Festival

Well it finally happened, my parents officially think I am funny. All it took was getting my first big festival that they have heard of and that they can brag to their friends about “Oh well Stephanie will be on TV”. They do not realize non of their friends will find me funny but I DON’T GIVE A DARN! I am SUPER pumped up to be part of the Halifax Comedy Festival along with some amazing comedians including DeAnne Smith, Gilson Lubin, Nathan Macintosh and Keith Pedro to name a few! Now I get to eat donair and experience what drinking with east coaters is all about.


I am Hosting for Todd Glass!

Todd Glass is coming back to Toronto by popular demand andI will be hosting his Saturday April 12th show at the Comedy Bar at 10:30pm. Tickets will sell out fast, go to for tickets and more info.