I am coming home for a few weeks to dip my lips at my cottage but before that I will be putting on my classic “Tolev’s Treats” show at the Comedy Bar Wednesday, August 25th at 8pm. ¬†Featuring my favs Alex Pavone, Nick Reynoldson, LADYSTACHE and more meūüė欆.¬†Tickets and info here! Covid protocols in effect so please read and be safe!


Well it only took me years to finally launch it but my podcast STEPH INFECTION is out now on all streaming sites! Anywhere you listen to a podcast she is there. My first guest is the incredible Deb DiGiovanni and we discuss all the fun things women have to deal with while getting older, boys, and life in LA. Give it a listen here

I have a fun role in The Move Show!

I got to play the part I didn’t know I already was…a female wrestler from the 80’s! I got to be in the finale episode of The Movie Show that is available online or if you have cable on the SYFY channel! It was super fun to act with puppet, something I need to do more often. Check to the whole series.

Never Before Seen 80’s Dating Video

Tolev’s Treats Christmas Show!

Since zoom shows are our only option then so be it! Friday Dec 18th I am doing a very fun online show featuring Laurie Kilmartin (Conan), Naomi Ekperigin (Broad City), Daniel Webb (Comedy Central) and Simon Gibson (Cannonball) The show is only one hour, you can sit there in there in a full Santa suit or in a tub of Christmas bakes for all I care! Show is only $5, all the money gets split between the comics! You can DM me, email, Venmo or PayPal and I will send you the zoom link!

Half Hour out on EPIX

Well quarantine has been QUITE interesting for us all, lots of downs but I luckily had one big up! I got asked to be part of “Unprotected Sets ” season two, ¬†a stand up series featuring comedians doing a live taping (safely) outside in LA. I got to do 30 min of lots of new stuff to an audience wearing masks! My episode airs on October 30th at¬†12:35am Eastern/9:35pm Pacific. If you have EPIX… GET READY!


Hosting a new SHOW!! (online)

I miss stand up so badly and seeing my friends do stand up so I paired up with BonFire Live to bring a monty stand up show to your home! TOLEV’S TREATS is ¬†this Tuesday Sept 8th 6pm EST and 9pm PST, $5 and all the money goes straight to the comics!! You know you’ve spent no money at the bars so toss us a little cashola! Event link is HERE. This line up would be at LEAST $45 in person!!

Live Streaming my ONE WOMAN SHOW!

Since we all live at home every second of the day I figured I would do something mildly productive so I will be live streaming my one woman show “I’ve Always Been Fucked” on Tuesday October 6th- ¬†6pm EST/9pmPST. It will be a bunch of gross stories, some sad, some dancing, lots of stuff you for sure didn’t know about me! Click HERE for tickets.

I’m Not Well is now a PINK VINYL!!

It finally happened, I officially have merch! I’m Not Well (Juno Nominated) is now available as a vinyl record! $20 CAD and $25 USD just shoot me an email at or DM me on any social medias and I will get it to you, nice and safely!

I got Nominated for a Juno Award!!!!!!

Can anyone actually believe this! “I’m Not Well” was nominated for “Best Comedy Album of the Year” at the Juno Awards! This is honestly insane and I am so happy and shocked and THRILLED!!!!

My American TV Debut!

I made my first TV debut in America on Feb 7th on Comedy Central! It was part of Bill Burr’s new show “The Ringers”. I got to fully be myself and say pretty much whatever the heck I wanted!! You can watch the whole video now!

New Ladystache Album!!!

Even thought Allison Hogg and I don’t live in the same place anymore doesn’t mean we aren’t still part of Ladystache! We are very excited about our new album called “Older and Wider”. It is very on brand with the classic Ladystache you all LOVE! Pre sale will be on Jan 24th then it officially comes out Jan 31st!! Download it on iTunes, Spotify, ¬†Google play… all of them!

The Last Hags of 2019!

Daniel and I have had quite the run this year with our monthly show Hags at the Virgil the last Tuesday of the month- we built up an amazing audience and are both SUPER PROUD. Please come see the last Hags of the year if you are in town- its a Monday this time- December 30th, 8pm and its still FREE!

My first ONE WOMAN SHOW!!!

Well, this is very new for me and I am quite nervous but on Wednesday, December 4th I will be putting on my first one woman show “I’ve Always Been Fucked”. It will be a mix of stories I haven’t told on stage, some funny and some not, some old character, ¬†old videos from me as kid, ¬†a whole bunch of stuff really! Please come if you are in LA to the Dynasty Typewriter on Dec 4th, event link here!

I am one of Vulture’s 2019 Comics to Watch!

This is a very cool list to be on, I am surrounded by people I look up to and find hilarious! Thanks to whoever thought I was funny enough to be part of this amazing group!

I did “The Todd Glass Show” podcast!

Todd Glass is one of the funniest, nicest, safest men in Comedy and I got to be a guest on his podcast that ended up becoming a two-parter! If you like podcasts then you should really listen to this one!


“I’m Not Well” is available on VINYL!!

Holy Heck, dreams come true!!!!! My album is on an actual RECORD and guess what IT’S PINK! You can get the pre sale now and it comes with a free digital download! Only $25! The link is here!

All 3 episodes of Steph & Deb are out!

Everyone can watch all three episodes on Comedy Central, Facebook or Youtube! The final episode is my fav take a little look see!

STEPH & DEB ep 2 is also OUT!!!

Americans can see it on Comedy Central, and Canadians can see it on their Facebook page!


STEPH & DEB ep 1 is out now on COMEDY CENRAL!!

Deb Digiovanni and I co-wrote and co-star in a 3 episode mini series on Comedy Central Digital! We worked out butts off to get this made and are very proud of it! Americans can watch it here! Canadians can see it on the Comedy Central Facebook page. #stephanddeb



HAGS Canadian TOUR!!!

I’m doing a little mini tour with Daniel Webb around Ontario and Quebec! If you live in Waterloo, Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa come see us!! Trust me it will be fun as hell!

I am co-hosting a NEW SHOW called HAGS!

My bestie in LA/funniest guy DANIEL WEBB and I are starting a new monthly show called HAGS at the Virgil! The first one is Tuesday April 30th at 8pm and its free as SHIT! Come watch us HAGS have a blast with some of our fav comics in the city.

I did a really fun Podcast- SO good the AV Club mentioned  it!

I was lucky enough to be on last weeks episode of “Bad Science” where I got to sit down with two very smart woman and talk all about FISH GENITALS!! We discussed the Shape of Water film and I learned to much about the sea that I don’t think ill ever go in it again! Listen to it here!¬†And you can read what the AV club said here!

My second stand up album “I’m Not Well” is OUT NOW!!

Oh boy, I am very very proud and happy with my my new album ¬†produced and recorded through Comedy Record’s that is available ¬†NOW on iTunes, google play, Spotify and amazon! Please share and help me get my filthy trash out to the world!

CBC Debaters

Oh hi! I won my second ever debate and now you can listen to it on CBC!!


Please Understand me is on AMAZON!!!

Well ain’t this some fun news! Please Understand Me, the short series I was in last year that was produced by Sarah Silverman is now on Amazon Prime Video!! So now anyone who has that can see my dumb head acting on it!!


So people seem to really enjoy doing impressions of me, I honestly don’t get it, but they love doing them especially to my face. SO this SundayJanuary 13th, 50 comics will do their best Steph to my face in front of an audience. Get down to the Virgil and see how annoyed I get with how many comics make fun of me.

I am recording my second stand up album!!

Oh yeah this is happening! I am back in Toronto for the holidays and recording my second stand up album Saturday December 29th at 7pm at the Comedy Bar. The show is pay what you want! Reserve seats at  Tell everyone you know!!!


Brazzers Comedy Show

Where all my porn heads at? Brazzers put together a little comedy show featuring 5 comics and 4 porn stars. Take a little look see at a tiny taste of it below. You bet your ass its CRASS!

Headlining the Comedy Mix

Vancouver! I just got here and brought the rain all the way from LA in MY CAR! Yes, I drove since I popped my damn ear drum I drove up with Deb Digiovanni! We had a nice time. Come to one of my shows this weekend, Chris Robinson is middling and he’s the best.

Gary and His Demons

Canada! I am a voice (named Steph)  in a really funny cartoon that you can now watch on CBC Comedy! Americans if you wanna watch Gary and His Demons you can do a free month trial on if you want to see it as well! Anyone else I have no clue!

West Coast Tour!

My oh my Deb Digiovanni and I are doing a little mini tour up the west coast! We stop first in Oakland, CA, then Eugene, OR then Portland! Then I am headlining the Comedy Mix from October 25-27th, so if you or any pals wanna LAUGH TILL PEE PEE comes out then COME!!!


Well Simon Gibson and I did this little ditty a few months back, take a little peaky poo if you like very physical humor. Directed by Peter Moses, featuring Warren Burke.



LUCKY ME!! I got asked to come back to Just for Laughs for the Katherine Ryan Gala this summer! I will be performing on Wednesday July 25th at 7pm. I am so happy I can’t actually take it!


Resolutions on Comedy Central

Lucky me! I was in an episode of Resolutions on Comedy Central called “Getting out of a Toxic Relationship” and the girl Ismaul is trying to break up with me! Watch it!!¬†

Please Understand Me

Well slap my ass and call me Charlie! I got to be a part of an amazing series on Facebook watch called Please Understand Me. Sarah Silverman is the executive producer on it and Ahamed Weinberg and Steven Feinartz directed and created it! Variety and the Hollywood Reporter both wrote articles on it!! Take a look at it here.


Comedy Central’s UP NEXT!

I literally can’t stop smiling, I was picked as one of Comedy Central’s UP NEXT comedians for 2018!! I get to preform at Clusterfest in San Fran June 1-3 alongside legit comedy legends!!!! This is a big deal for me, I am very proud of myself and happy to have an American Credit!! You can also check out the Interrobang article about it as well.


Skits is Every Tuesday DTLA!!

If you are looking for something every single Tuesday to do…THIS IS THE THING! Skits is every Tuesday night downtown LA @ The Escondite at 8pm. Co- Hosted by Caleb Synan, Troy Walker and myself. $3 Tequila specials, $2.50 tacos & FREE PARKING!!!

Quick Visit to Canada!

Well I am coming in and out like a fiddlers elbow to Canada this week!I am heading to the LOL Sudbury Comedy Festival Friday March 16th for the Sirius XM Showcase then back to Toronto at the Comedy Bar for Taking up Space with me! Saturday the 17th at 7pm. ¬†Let’s hang out I won’t be back in town for a while.

I did Getting Doug with high!

Well hot damn, I was a guest a few weeks ago on Getting Doug with High and guess what I WAS REALLY HIGH. I for sure said some weird stuff and for sure made a lot of comments about how revolting I find Ron Jeremy. Take a look/listen here! 

San Fran Sketch Fest!

Aint this fun! I’m in San Fran for the fest Jan 17-21, plus doing some off fest shows . Or you can find me in Alamo Square doing full house opening credits reinactments .

Good Heroin 3 Year Anniversary!

Well this doesn’t seem real at all! I am on the most insane line up I have ever been a part of, it’s literally to much. Good Heroins 3 year Anniversary DTLA at the regent Theatre. Take a peep at the damn line up and try to not come see this show.

Skits is now a weekly!!!

Slap my ass and call me Susie! Skits is now a weekly show! Every Tuesday night downtown LA on the Escondite’s Patio! Amazing line ups every week, wicked view of the skyline as the sun sets, $2.50 Tacos and Happy hour from 5-7 and 7-9. PLUS a massive FREE parking lot attached to the patio, excuse me is this dream!

Tolev’s Treats

Well it’s that time of year where I become a stage hog and host and headline my own god damned show. Also I don’t think anyone reads these dumb posts anyways so I can say whatever I want. But for real the line up is all my favs, they all crush and Ladystache are doing a couple NEWBIES! What are they? We don’t even know yet. See you on the 27th!

ToleVS Treats

All Jane Festival 2017

I went to Portland last month and got this really cool tape of one of my sets! Take a little look see if you have 7 minutes to spare.


SKITS is now Bi-monthly

Well gosh darn it we did it, we made Skits a bi-weekly show now! Come check out the  next installment 10/24 downtown LA at the Escondite. 8pm, HUGE free parking lot, delicious $2 Tacos and unreal comedians.

skits 10-24-1.5mb

Another silly ass sketch!

Have a look see at a new sketch¬†“Beach Find”¬†that Laura Danowski and I wrote at Hermosa beach with the help of Mark Debonis on Camera and Steven W Farrell editing.¬†


New SUPER GROSS sketch video I did!

Oh hi, I am starting a new little sketch series called “Stephs Tips from her Lips” giving you all some good, sex related tips you should all be doing! The first one “The Female Condom” is up co-starring Simon Gibson and shot/edited/directed by Kaitlin Maimie. Take a god damned peak!

Compliments to the Chef is STEWING up something nice!

MK and I are back together again to make some sweet sweet appy’s in our $25 shared toaster oven. ¬†It will be hard to give up if we ever get a divorce. Come on out to the Clubhouse, Saturday August 5th. The line up is real tasty and we’re lucky to have Scott Thompson from on from Kids in the Hall!




National Day Sketch!

I got to play a revolting woman (zero surprise there) in this National Day sketch written by Laura Danowski. Starring a bunch of hilarious Canadians.


Tolev is coming in HOT to TO!

Oh hi Toronto! I am home for a few weeks to do some shows and grill like a swollen burger up north.  Come see me or drink Canadian beer with me I MISS IT!



Los Angeles!! I am starting a new show with Adam Christie, Caleb Synan and Troy Walker. Tuesday June 13th is the first show and guess what HUGE LINE UP and HUGE FREE PARKING LOT! Take a peak here for all the info.

Skits June

Compliments to the Chef

The second installment of Compliments to the Chef, the cooking/stand up comedy show is happening Wednesday May 31st at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre. M K Paulson and I host the show in very cute chef hats and cook little appy’s between the comics. There sets get timed by the toaster oven and when it dings both them and the food are done! The show is free and starts right at 8pm, so come early!


Put Your Hands Together

Oh Hi, I did my first Put Your Hands Together Tuesday May 23 and it was one of the most fun sets I have had in a while. They recorded the whole thing and put it out as a podcast on Feral Audio and you can listen to it here!




My first CBC Debaters!

When I was in Ottawa in February I got to tape my first Debaters saying that the five second rule is not gross, and I won! Mamma doesn’t joke around when it comes to food. Give it a listen here!


I have  a podcast where I talk to my Parents!!

Joy and Pete have both made me the maniac I am today, so I felt like I should let people see how funny they are, or think they are. It’s called “Talking with the Tolev’s”. Every episode is 10 minutes long so you don’t have to listen to an hour of nonsense, just a quick little chat. You can subscribe on itunes¬†and hear a new episode every Wednesday!

Talking with the Tolevs

I made the Top Five Comedy Albums of 2016!

Holy F-ing heck! Exclaim magazine listed my album Hot N’ Hungry as #5 of the top five comedy albums of 2016 along side Patton Oswalt, Ali Wong, Gary Gulman and Tom Segura! This is literally insane and so awesome especially after re recording it three times! Thanks again to everyone who bought it and shared it, means the world to this gross fool.