11/2- Heist @ Oeno Vino 8pm

11/5- Ranch DTLA 9pm

11/6- Down to Town @ Pali Wine Co 7:30pm

-Eastside Showroom in Glendale 8pm

11/7- Bear City in Longbeach 7pm

11/10- Frogtown Comedy Show 8pm

-Summer Hamm in Northridge 10pm

11/11- UCB Sunset @ 7:30pm

-Chatterbox in Covina 9pm

11/13- Heavy Heavy Low Low @ Bar Lubitch 11pm

11/14- Cranes Comedy DTLA @ Cranes Bar 8pm

11/15- Bear Grenade Comedy @ The Dojo 8pm

11/18- The Scramble @ the Pak Theatre 12pm

11/20-Half Pint Comedy in Vancouver CA

11/21- Live Taping of the Debaters in Vancouver 8pm

11/25- Neil Hamburger @ The Satellite 9pm

11/27-Parfait @ Dynasty Typewriter 10pm

12/12-16- Tahoe Improv

12/29- Album Taping at the Comedy Bar, Toronto, Canada